We are celebrating OUTSTANDING GCSE Results 2016!

26 September 2016

St Cuthbert’s are celebrating their best ever results and some excellent individual achievements this year.


54% of students achieved 5 x A*-C grades which is a 5% increase on last year’s performance.  Maths increased their results by 1% to 69% and English results increased by 16% to a fabulous 71%.  There were also fantastic results in Art, Chemistry and Sciences.


These results are a testimony to the hard work and determination of the students and staff at St Cuthbert’s, not just in this last year but throughout their 5 years of secondary education.


Our 2016 students have worked tirelessly with staff to ensure they have the very best opportunities in life; breakfast sessions, extra lessons after school and in term breaks, additional mock examinations and group revision study.


All students have now been offered places in further education or employment.


Highlight stories


There have been a number of outstanding achievements from individual students.  Not least Matthew Lee who in September 2015 on his first day in Year 11 was taken ill and very shortly after was diagnosed with Leukaemia.  After 8 months of gruelling treatment and a stressful time for Matthew, his family and friends, St Cuthbert’s were delighted to see him begin his return to school, full of determination to complete enough GCSE exams to secure his place at Cronton Sixth Form College where he intends to start in September and study to become a paramedic.  We all wish him the very best in his future and are delighted that he has achieved the GCSE grades required.


Other significant achievements include:


  • Amy Lyon received 8 x A*, 2 x A – going to Carmel College to study A Levels in Maths and Sciences.
  • Beth Gerrard received 7 x A*, 2 x A, 1 x B – going to Carmel College to study A Levels to prepare for career in Law.
  • Matthew McColl received 4 x A*, 1 x A, 4 x B, 1 x C - going to Cowley College to study A Levels to prepare for career as a Pilot.
  • Sophie Wall received 2 x A*, 5 x A, 3 x B – going to Carmel College to study A Levels to prepare for a career in Medicine.
  • Sol Anslow received 1 x A*, 4 x A, 3 x B, 2 x C – going to Cronton College to study A Levels.




Mrs Catherine Twist, Headteacher said “today is the day where our students realise what the last 5 years have been aiming towards.  A good set of results goes a long way in a young person’s career path.  However, at St Cuthbert’s our students leave with much more than GCSE results.  They are part of the St Cuthbert’s family and as such have been encouraged and supported to move on and “live life in all its fullness”.  As a new Headteacher, I am delighted to see this year’s results improve on last year’s and with the changes we have made in school this trend will continue”.


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Results Day 2016