We are at Summer School

25 July 2017

Stunning Summer School

This week, Y6’s (soon to be Y7’s) have come to St Cuthbert’s to have a taste of what life is like here at St Cuthbert’s. Some sessions that they have participated in include: PE, Art, Geography, Maths and History. Sessions have been incredibly fun! In geography, Miss Murphy challenged the students to create a building out of spaghetti and marshmallows, which would withstand an earthquake.

One Student said, “Summer school is a great experience to meet new friends and I have really enjoyed the sessions, especially geography.”

Another Student told me, “Summer School has been an amazing opportunity to meet and become a part of the St Cuthbert’s community. I can’t choose a favourite session, as they were all so good.”

So overall, Summer School is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and find out what life is like at St Cuthbert’s.

By Daniel M 8RMY.

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