Our Students' Experiences During Lockdown

Our Students' Experiences During Lockdown

St Cuthbert's students tell their very real stories of lockdown

Our students were asked to take part in an Educate Magazine Feature all about their experiences during lockdown. Take a look at the feature here.

Daniel M - Year 10

"At first, I was quite anxious about going into lockdown, because I would miss seeing my friends.

Furthermore, I was scared that I would be behind on my studies and therefore find my GCSEs harder next year. However, over the last few weeks, I have started getting a routine again and have become more used to studying from home. I have enjoyed the live lessons that the Spanish department have been doing on Instagram and I have been working through the work on Google Classroom.

In addition to this, I’ve stayed in contact with my friends through video calls. To relax during lockdown, I have played video games, which gave me another opportunity to communicate with my friends. I have started reading more, especially at night. Most days, I go for a daily walk, which I really enjoy. I think that going for walks and exercising is very important at the minute, because it will keep you both physically and mentally healthy.

I also have missed seeing my grandparents and other family members, so hopefully I will be able to see them again soon. A new hobby that I have taken up during lockdown is baking; it helps me to relax and I find it interesting.

I have been using an app over the lockdown, which tracks my mood and I can see what activities make me feel happy. Overall, I am feeling quite good at the moment, however I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends again."


Ali O - Year 9

"Since the school have closed due to coronavirus life has been different. I have missed school but it has been enjoyable to spend time together with my family.

We are a big family anyway so life is always busy and there is always something to do. I’ve been texting my friends every so often too. 

I understand why we need to be away from school and I am happy to do my bit by learning from home. St Cuthbert’s have been supporting us at home by setting work via their various websites such as google classroom which keeps me up to date with what I should be doing and gives me some routine. The flexibility of home learning also means that I have been able to work to my own schedule and spend time learning other skills outside the school curriculum. I have been doing Arabic and Turkish lessons online and spending a lot of time playing the piano and guitar which I’ve really enjoyed. 

The particularly bright spring has ensured that we can spend some time outside in our garden. It has been nice to have fresh air and a change of scenery despite being stuck at home. I have spent more time with my youngest brother who has just turned four. We have taken part in many activities together. I have shown him how to fly a kite for the very first time and we have had lots of fun making obstacle courses for him to complete. 

All in all, I’m looking forward to returning to school but the experience has been valuable."


Kacper U - Year 8

"Lockdown started for me just a week before Boris Johnson announced that the country was going under lockdown.

That was my last day at school. When my mother told me that I was not going to school the next day I felt a wave of emotions: confusion, disappointment and slight fear.

A few days later most of those emotions faded away and everything began to piece itself back together, school had contact with students, Google Classrooms were set up and regular online lessons started to happen. My daily routine helped me create a day that felt normal again. I also found time to try and learn a new language: Japanese.

I thought that this would be a good time to start learning to cook healthily and exercise at home, with no need to interact with others. So I decided to make healthy lunches for myself at midday and exercise with my father everyday to keep fit.

I still have regular contact with my friends because we play games online, help each other with our school work and sometimes just talk about random things, because of this I am not affected socially by isolation. A similar thing is with the rest of my family. Everyone except my parents and younger brother live in mainland Europe (Poland, The Netherlands, Norway) so we would normally keep in contact through video-calls. So I am already well adapted to this limited physical contact.

Since everybody is working from home we have more time together, making giant pizzas, playing games together and watching films all night - it's great!

Lockdown didn't lock me at all. I am doing what I have to at my own tempo, I am doing what I want whenever I want and I am open for new things."


Grace B - Year 7

"My lockdown experience has been fun, happy and sad!

It was sad because my Nan died in April and I couldn't see her when she was ill. We also never got to have a proper funeral, only 10 people could go and because of social distancing, I couldn't hug any others in my family.

Both my parents are Key-workers, so they have been going to work.  My sister is a student at university, but because it's closed she has moved back home.

My dining room is now my classroom. I use google classroom, Seneca and the online classes on Instagram, and my sister Leah helps me if I struggle. At lunchtime I have been making my own lunch, so my cooking skills have improved.  

On April 25th it was my birthday. My mum arranged afternoon tea to be delivered and my other sister who doesn't live at home came and we celebrated in my back garden, following the social distancing rules, which was strange as I couldn't go near her. 

Normally I do Gymnastics, so my club have been doing classes through Zoom.  I participate 3 times a week and this helps me stay active. 

Overall I have felt a lot of different emotions. But I am happy that I can still see my friends using FaceTime and I know that they are all healthy and safe.  

But I am looking forward to restrictions being lifted so I can see my family and friends properly." 

James M - Year 7

"Hi, my name is James and I am in year 7 at St Cuthberts and I was asked "how has your lockdown been going?’’ so today I am going to tell you.

Let's start off with my family I am in lockdown with my mum, my dad and my twin brother Thomas. My dad was off work for 3 weeks but had to go back to work every day as he would before the pandemic.

One of my main passions is football and due to lockdown, I can't go and play over the park or for my team which is not great but life still goes on. It has also been quite hard for me personally because everything is uncertain and I, well nobody knows what is going to happen and that for some people (me included) is scary.

My lockdown has been ok but if I’m being truthful, I would much rather be in school learning about new things but now we are trapped in our homes but I can't complain because me and my family are healthy and well.

My lockdown, it has been a new look at life before I thought that I would've enjoyed it if school was out but because of these circumstances I wish I was in front of a specially trained teacher instead my mum trying to teach me how to make my bed or how to cook. Overall, my lockdown has been a wakeup call, you realised you like something you thought you didn’t."


Thomas M - Year 7

"Life in lockdown is very boring. You see no new faces or talk to no new people or hear no new news. There is no variety.

I have lots of homework of multiple skill levels but no teacher to help me. I'm not saying I don't get help because my mum and dad do help but I don't have a qualified teacher. I enjoy cycling and walking and my parents make me do Joe Wicks work out but mostly I stay inside and play on my games console. 

There is some structure in the day though and I have a few breaks. I believe that the country should be out of lockdown by September but hope to be out and back to school sooner. The Government seems to be handling this pandemic well in my opinion. I have resorted to my phone to keep in touch with people that I can't see including my grandparents and friends.

I mainly use my phone to game with my brother and friends. I have spent a lot of time during my lockdown life playing video games and watching youtube. I have also been baking and doing my homework. It has been sunny outside so I sometimes play in the garden with my brother and my dad. 

I would love to see my family and friends again soon so I hope after all of this we have a big party. Anyway, all of you stay at home, wash your hands and stay safe."