Marissa's Message for New Students

26 September 2017

  A Fresh Start At St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School!



Hello, my name is Marissa and I started St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School on the 5th September 2017. I bet you are sat at home worrying about how your child will settle into high school and for all parents, this is a big worry. I myself have had a rough 1st year in another high school (as I am not a year 7), but a year 8 and even though I started at St Cuthbert’s just a few weeks ago, it is my second home! Let’s just say that my other school that I went to wasn’t for me. However, St Cuthbert’s has exceeded my standards for the perfect high school!


I have joined many after school clubs including: Dance Club, Art Club, Drama Club and many more as I feel that when you join clubs after school, it makes you concentrate even more in lessons as you have something great to look forward to! At St Cuthbert’s they make you feel very welcome and they give every student the chance to excel!


If you are either a student wanting to join St Cuthbert’s or a parent wanting to send your child to St Cuthbert’s, if you have an experience anything like mine, then you will love it and thrive in our school!

By Marissa H

Year 8ACO.