Great Speeches Week

07 February 2017

This week across school we are are looking at great speeches.

The purpose of this week is to raise awareness of the importance of literacy and oracy. It is also safer internet day; this is to help us keep safe on the internet and to remember to be mindful of the things we write on social media. So this week, the
speeches we are exploring and looking what we can learn from are:


Monday - Dr Martin Luther King. This speech is
just as important today as it was when he spoke in
1963, it changed the character of speech making.

Tuesday - King George VI. This is his radio
address of 1939 and is extremely personal

Wednesday - Sir Winston Churchill 1940’s ‘we
shall fight them on the beaches’. He had spent his
whole life struggling with a stutter, but this speech
was extremely motivational and aroused support
of his audience.

Thursday - Emmeline Pankhurst ‘freedom or
death’ speech of 1913. Pankhurst and her fellow
protesters were compelled to find their voice and
they fought for the right to vote.

Friday - John F Kennedy. This is a great moment
in history, when the decision was made to go to
the Moon in 1961. The speech invokes a sense of
wonder and going beyond human capabilities.