Actions Have Consequences Workshop

31 January 2017

On Friday, 27th January 2017 we welcomed police officers from HMP Manchester Community Team and Merseyside Police who delivered two separate workshops to our Year 9 and Year 10 students based on "Actions Have Consequences".  

Both groups of students enjoyed the 2 hour long workshop which covered topics including stranger danger, anti-bullying, anti-social behaviour, drugs awareness, knife crime and information about various aspects of police work in the community with the message that actions have consequences.  

Students particularly enjoyed the working dogs demonstrations and the vital part they play in combating crime.

Below, some feedback on what our students learned from the day:

"We learned about knife crime and drugs and the consequences of committing crime";
"We learned about what things can do to you and don't let people tell you what to do";
"Prison looks horrible and worse than I thought";
"I learned to never take drugs".


Staff who attended the workshop thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and received very interesting and eye opening information, some shocking, but it was delivered in a friendly and humorous way but still in-keeping with the seriousness of it all. The way he involved the staff and students and kept them alert throughout was amazing.

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Note about the history of the "Actions Have Consequences" Workshop

The workshop was started in 2009 in the Manchester area.  The aim of the workshop is to engage with schools to show the children that actions have consequences on what could occur if students were to stray off the beaten track.  The day is done in a fun way, which shows the children serious messages in an engaging approach.  By October 2014, the project has seen over 350,000 students across seven different police forces.  The aim of this workshop is to engage with today's students for a better tomorrow.