Wish FM Radio presenters of the future!

18 May 2016

Our group of 12 students had a fantastic and productive day over at the Wish FM studios in Orrell last Tuesday, once again using their new found reporting and speaking skills!  

The staff at Wish FM were extremely warm and welcoming and our students took part in two very different, (but equally exciting,) sessions. 

The first session consisted of working with Chris Milow, Wish FM’s breakfast presenter.  Our students learned all about what it entails to be a radio presenter using the Wish FM studio, and were given a full day’s work experience!  They were able to improve their observation techniques, turning every day scenarios into radio material. Chris had even given the students a chance to report on our own ‘St Cuthbert’s Stories!’ Our students loved this opportunity to practice their scripts in a live studio environment.

The second session consisted of working with Creative writer Zoe Vernon to create a 30 second radio advert fit for broadcast.  Students learnt how to take a brief from a client and how to pick out the most important interesting bits of information from it. Students really enjoyed this session having to work to a strict deadline, prioritise and interact and work as part of a team.  This resulted in the creation of a persuasive writing script which was then recorded ready for air as well as students being able to transfer these skills across the curriculum.

The day as a whole enabled them to build their confidence and develop their personality and style, identify their target audience and develop relatable content. 


Thanks again to WISH FM for a great day.

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