We Are Healthy!

14 January 2016

We’re working with Andrew Ferguson, Executive Development Chef, St Helens Council Schools Catering Team on our School Food Plan.  Andrew is developing new healthy dishes to be served in our school didning room and café based on students’ suggestions on their favourite food outside of school.  This week the students sampled Andrew’s take on a Nando’s-style chicken dish: fresh chicken mini fillets in a piri-piri marinade served with cool coleslaw and smoked paprika potato wedges.   Opinion was generally favourable with a few finding it a bit spicy.  Andrew was really pleased with all the feedback saying it was exactly what he need to adjust and refine the dishes.  For example he could add a raita dip made from mint and yoghurt which would ‘cool’ the dish down a bit.  We look forward to welcoming Andrew back soon.

Take a look at the food tasting session video and photographs on the 11th January 2016 

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