Memorial garden inspired by Jessica Davies to be built in school grounds

15 July 2016

Students and staff at St Cuthbert's are working together to create a memorial garden in the school grounds dedicated to past students and staff. 

The garden has been inspired by Jessica Davies, a much-loved student and valued member of the St Cuthbert's Catholic High School family who passed away unexpectedly in March this year aged just 16.  The garden will also be in memory of Carl Erickson who died following a short illness after becoming unwell on Christmas Day, 2012.  Carl was a model pupil; hard working, cheerful, unassuming and a great friend.  Mrs Monica Gallimore, much-loved and respected principal at St Cuthbert's in St Helens passed away peacefully in February 2013 following a battle with illness.  She was a wonderful leader and teacher who changed lives for the better during her 42 year career in education.

Work on the garden began during a staff wellbeing session during the school's last INSET day in June when staff braved the elements to create beds and tidy the grass in order to create the lasting tribute.  Once completed the garden will be a quiet place for reflection, filled with flowers and shrubs, a bench and a water feature.  It will also have a gardening area where students will grow fruit and vegetables.  The garden will be cared for by a group of year 10 students.

Mrs Catherine Twist, headteacher commented: "Having a memorial like this for past students and staff means their memory lives on, and I'm sure that Jess, Carl and Monica would have loved it."  

The garden is scheduled to be completed early in the Autumn term when a special ceremony will be held to mark the opening of the garden to students, staff and friends of St Cuthbert's.