Farewell Miss Lally

01 September 2015

Miss Lally, our Acting Principal retired on 31st August 2015 after 30 years of service at St Cuthbert's.

In a letter to parents/carers she said "It is important to me that I write to you personally as over the last 30 years I have met and worked with so many of you. I also wanted to thank you for all the support you and your families have given during my time here at St Cuthbert’s. It has been a privilege to work with you but I am especially grateful for the way in which you have entrusted me with your children. I have loved every minute of my time here at St Cuthbert’s and will take with me the most amazing memories. This school is a very special place to work and is going from strength to strength. I wish you and your families well and look forward to watching with great pride, as St Cuthbert’s continues to flourish and achieve."

In a special whole-school assembly at the end of the summer term she thanked students for the way they had enriched her life and encouraged them to dream those dreams and to set their sights high.  The full text of her speech is reproduced below.

I have worked at St Cuthbert’s for 30 years and remember clearly standing in this Sports Hall in September 1985 with my knees knocking at the prospect of beginning a career in teaching.

What you may not know is that my story is not so different from the life story so far of many of you sat here. I grew up on a council estate in Wigan and both my mum and dad worked in local factories. I had two sisters and a brother and I didn’t really know what my future would hold. We had very little money but my mum knew that a good education was going to give me the things that she didn’t have. She wanted me to leave with qualifications because she hadn’t – she wanted me to go to University because she couldn’t and she wanted me to own my own house because she never did.

St Cuthbert’s will encourage you to dream those dreams and will work with you to fulfil them. Look beyond Parr and Sutton and the boundaries of St Helens and set your sights high. In front of me today we have the doctors, the lawyers, the electricians, the entrepreneurs of the future. Be ambitious, be confident in who you are and most of all be principled. Be prepared to stand up and to speak out for what you believe. Be prepared to stand up and speak for those whose voice isn’t listened to- don’t be a bystander rather stand by those who need your strength.

I leave today with the most amazing memories. I have worked with many of your parents and in some cases grandparents! You are privileged to be in a school surrounded by teachers and staff who will walk with you if you want to dream big. I am excited about hearing about your progress, your successes and watching this wonderful school which has been such a huge part of my life go from strength to strength. I will be sat in the garden with a glass of wine waiting for the latest news and gossip!

I wish you luck but remind you that you alone can create that luck-don’t let opportunities pass you by. You are very special young men and women and you have the world at your feet. Like me you will look back at your years here and will remember the friends you have made – don’t waste a minute of it. Thank you all of you for the way you have enriched my life.