Year 11 Wellbeing Evening

As our Y11 students embark on their final Year of their GCSE examinations at St Cuthbert's, we are extremely aware that this can become a stressful time for both students and for their families.
Y11 students, along with parents and carers, are invited to attend and enjoy the evening from 6:00-7:00pm.  The evening will involve many opportunities for students to get the best out of their final year at school, whilst maintaining a positive mind-set, resilience and focus.  We will be offering a range of advice, support and guidance.  We usually stipulate that students should attend such events in full school uniform, but on this occasion, students should wear comfortable casual clothing as there will be a variety of activities available for everyone to take part in.
It will also aim to assist you in how best to support your son/daughter with their studies and general wellbeing at home.