Merseytravel update - 24 April 2018

The following statement has been issued by Merseytravel


Following a review of the buses that serve the school from Sutton Manor an additional 720 has been provided in addition to the existing morning service. This additional morning service will be timed 20 minutes EARLIER each day, it will travel exactly the same route as the later service and the timing points are as follows


Clockface Road/ Gorsey Lane                                  07.38

Mill Lane, Old Mill Ave                                             07.51

Robins Lane, Peckers Hill Road                                07.57

St Cuthbert’s School                                               08.01


Passengers should note that those living closer to the school are advised to use this early service as it could be expected that the later service may not have room for students to board with it being full travelling out from Sutton Manor and you may be left without an option to travel by bus to school. For Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th April 2018 the 720 early service (leaving at 07.38) will be a free service. On Monday 30th April passengers will have to have a valid travel ticket or pay the child fare of £1.00 and adult fare of £2.00 per journey.