Ian Gibbins

How long have you worked at St Cuthbert's?

14 years

Can you share a favourite memory about St Cuthbert's?

For me, it would be the natural sense of humour enjoyed by staff and students alike - those unrehearsed moments when a student says something like "Why do you want to work in Australia? You can't speak their language." Everyone laughs, including the person who said it, with no malice or spite. That just about sums up the atmosphere and the quality of the human spirit at St.Cuthbert's.

What made you go into teaching/working in a supporting role in school?

I kind of fell into the job years ago - mainly because I was always too cynical to work in business or for a big firm. I wouldn't have gone to University, played rugby or achieved many qualifications if it hadn't been for a group of inspirational teachers at my school so I thought I could do the same.

What is the best bit of advice you can give to your students?

Carpe Diem.

What do you enjoy most about working at St Cuthbert's?

The way that we all try to support each other, the friendliness of the students and the common sense of people I work with.