Year Group and House System

At St Cuthbert’s, we maintain an open, warm and welcoming atmosphere, creating a sense of belonging for every child in our care.

We forge positive relationships amongst students, staff, parents and other stakeholders, looking to benefit all emotionally, spiritually and academically.

When a student joins in Year 7, they become a member of one of our four houses: Faith, Dignity, Unity and Hope. They stay within this house during their time at St Cuthbert's.

Each Year group is managed by a Head of Year in conjunction with an Assistant Head of Year and a team of Form Tutors.

Within these structures, students are given opportunities to develop their leadership and team-working skills, from delivering whole school and year group assemblies and taking part in School Council, to taking part in charitable activities, such as raising money for local food banks and elderly residential homes. A buddy system sees older students mentoring younger students.

Students are also encouraged to put themselves forward to become members of the Senior Team; prized positions of responsibility for students in Year 11.


Unity House

 Motto: 'Aspire to be more not to have more'

Dignity House 

Motto: 'Make yourself proud'


Hope House 

Motto: 'Do small things with great heart'


Faith House 

Motto: 'Putting others first'