Mrs Lee 'Pays it Forward' with L.O.T.S.

16 January 2017

It is quite a regular occurrence to see homeless people on our streets. We often feel pity, maybe donate a coin or two, but how often do we see a real person as we walk on by? January is one of the coldest months of the year and Mrs Lee, deputy Head of Year 9, is on a mission to help the homeless stay warm this winter.

On the evening of January the 28th Mrs Lee our Deputy Head of Yr9, will be travelling to Liverpool, armed with warm clothes, and warm drinks to hand out to those living on the city streets. This initiative is being called 'Love On The Streets' or L.O.T.S. for short.

She says that this is her way of ‘giving something back’ and giving thanks for when her prayers for her son Matthew were answered.

Matthew spent 6 weeks in Manchester Children's Hospital where he was receiving treatment to for leukemia, this included a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. 

Matthew is now on the road to recovery. Mrs Lee explained how she first noticed just how many homeless people there were when she was on her daily visits to her son in hospital. Every evening Mrs Lee would walk around the corner to the Catholic Church on Oxford road to pray or to attend Mass, seeing these men got Mrs Lee wondering about their stories. How does someone end up so down on their luck that they end up without a roof over their head? She started to buy hot drinks and biscuits to give to some of these men and soon got talking to them. Mrs Lee found this to be a moving experience, in her own words “What touched me the most was that these men were interested in Matthew’s plight and told me that they wouldn’t be praying for themselves that night, but for my son”. Mrs Lee then vowed that once Matthew was on the road to recovery that she would ‘give something back’ in order to help the homeless.

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Mrs Lee and Ben with some of the homeless men from Manchester          This photo was taken earlier this month when the pair visited Manchester homeless.                                                                                   

How can you help?

Mrs Lee will be joined by a young man called Ben Mather and they will be handing out warm clothes, hot drinks and biscuits to homeless men and women in Liverpool on the evening of January the 28th. You can help this worthy cause by donating the following: flasks for hot water, tea, coffee, sugar, milk biscuits, socks, hats, gloves, scarves, toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap. Or you can also make a financial contribution to enable Mrs Lee to buy these items. Come on everybody! Dig deep for a great cause.