Year 8 Careers Afternoon

23 June 2017

On Monday we had an exciting careers day at St Cuthbert’s! Our Year 8s have just picked their options for GCSEs and are thinking seriously about what to do when they grow up so we thought we’d get some people in to let them know what it’s like in the world of work.

Firstly, they heard from Jason who gave them information and advice about careers and apprenticeships in the army and then Lindsay from St Helens Chamber expanded more on this. PC Kelle, our very own Police Officer shared some very interesting information about the diversity of the Police force.  

We heard from small business owner, Ant, who owns ‘The Hound Hub’ a dog care service in Liverpool. Many of the students were very interested in starting their own business venture and he showed them how it can be done!

Next they heard from James Falcous (click here to visit our Alumni page for further details on James' journey), a past student of ours who has a degree and post graduate degree in genetics. He filled them in about all the fun that can be had at university and how to pay for it. Following James, came our very own inspirational headteacher, who filled the students with aspiration.

Tom the engineer spoke next and gave a very thorough and visual presentation on how to get into engineering. Finally, Chris Milow from the Wish FM breakfast show spoke to the students, informing them about journalism and the day-to-day aspects of his job. He took a recording of the students and played it live on Wish FM the following day!

The students were very excited by the whole experience and have all started to have more focus on their aspirations and dreams for the future! Well done Year 8!


Check out some of the feedback from our students

  • I learnt that there are lots of careers out there including making my own business – Harrison S.

  • It was very interesting. It was good to hear about where all the people had started and ended up - Elisha McC.

  • There was a good variety of real jobs – Saul D.


Report by Miss Bowler, Head of Year 8


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