Year 7s Consistently good ATL students

20 February 2017

On the last day of half-term, Friday, 10th February 2017, some of our Year 7 students were recognised as having consistently good attitude to learning (ATL) scores during lessons, and are pictured here.  Congratulations to all the students and carry on with this excellent attitude.


Sam C, Jake B, Tansy U, Tasia P, Jamie Leigh G, Lily May C, Harry H, Aaron L, Emma D, Patryk S and J amie D.


Also recognised was Jake B who was rewarded with 5 ATL1 in a day whilst on report, really trying hard.  


Jake B and Mr Heywood


Finally, Phoebe B was the winner of the "Guess the amount of sweets in the jar" competition and was awarded with the full jar of sweets, all 129 of them!



Phoebe B and Miss Marshall