Megan is off to a flying start!

26 September 2016

Megan Williams is one our new Year 7 students. She has recently completed The Junior Great North Run for the 3rd time. This is no mean feat as Megan has type 1 diabetes is hooked to an insulin pump 24 hours a day. Type  1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition where the body attacks the cells in the pancreas destroying them. Currently scientists don't know the cause and there is no known cure. Megan has to check her insulin levels up to ten times a day and has to have insulin infused into her body continuously. Megan was first diagnosed at age 7.

She  runs to raise money for her charity Wish CDG This is a local charity which aims to help and support type 1  diabetes children and their families. Megan regularly takes part in fun runs in support of Wish.

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 Megan after completing her race.  pictured with her mum and sister.


Megan is quite a sportswoman also playing for St Helens Girls Rugby League Club training three times a week and playing rugby for Thatto Heath Boys under 11s.

I asked Megan how she was finding life as a Year 7 student at St Cuthbert's. Megan says " I was a bit worried at first, about making friends and fitting in. Now I realise that I had nothing to worry about. I have made lots of new friends. My Form Teacher  Miss Lethbridge is really nice and I like going to see the nurse as she has really nice biscuits! My favourite lessons are Art and PE.