Literacy Intervention Success

19 December 2016

St Cuthbert's Students Hail Reading Intervention Success

Three morning registration periods per week a dedicated band of Year Eleven students will collect their Year Seven reading buddies, escort them to the School Library or café and sit listening to them read, giving help, guidance and advice on their reading.

This is the Intervention programme set up this term to tackle the issue of lack of confidence in some readers. The Year seven students take their reading book along and try to improve their reading accuracy and understanding of vocabulary by having an older, critical friend listen to them and perhaps offer them some advice.

Over 20 pairs of students are currently taking part in the programme with some encouraging and positive outcomes. In the space of a couple of months many students’ reading ages have significantly improved.

Additionally, another group of year seven students read to a dedicated team of Learning Support Assistants for two morning per week with equally impressive outcomes.

One Year Eleven student, Missi-Marie Sheppherd, loves being a reading mentor:

“I think it’s important that we give up our time to listen to the year seven students. I know I have enjoyed teaching my buddy new vocabulary and I have really seen an improvement in her reading in just a couple of months.”


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