Summer Health Festival 2017

Get active, feel good, think better, learn well

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St Cuthbert’s walk 500 miles as part of Summer Health Festival

Last week St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School embarked on a week-long celebration of health and wellbeing involving the whole school community.

The annual Summer Health Festival saw students “get active, feel good, think better and learn well” with a different focus each day in form time aimed at breaking down the barriers to a healthy lifestyle. 

To introduce the event on Monday the students were briefed on the aims of the week through the sharing of some startling statistics regarding young peoples’ activity levels and childhood obesity. 

On Tuesday, the students practised mindfulness and learnt how it can help to put things into perspective and if we practise regularly we could have better control of our emotions. 

On Wednesday there was a staff and student competition to design a creative, healthy breakfast, demonstrating just how important the most important meal of the day is, and that a healthy breakfast can still be a tasty one. 

On Thursday students looked at the truth about energy drinks and portion sizes as part of the eating well focus. 

The celebrations culminated on Friday with an off-curriculum day, including a visit from motivational speaker Dean Schneider.  Dean is from New York and works with hundreds of schools across the country and his talk focused on success being linked to hard work and determination or as he put it, ‘grit’!  In addition there were a variety of workshops designed to help deal with stress and anxiety and to help us to become more resilient; these ranged from drumming to tent-building and from the power of participation in the arts to sessions promoting physical literacy and physical fitness.  A whole session was devoted to nutrition where the focus was on healthy eating and meal plans.  Mr Graves treated his form to some home-grown potatoes as part of his session. 

Students across the school stretched their legs and burnt some calories on a mile-long fun run/walk around the grounds before tucking in to a refreshing smoothie prepared by the headteacher, Catherine Twist using the ever-popular ‘smoothie-bike’ in the festival arena. 

St Cuthbert’s also welcomed young people from nearby primary schools, challenging them to use all their senses to experience food in new ways. 

The Summer Health Festival Health and Wellbeing workshops were run by experts from the Edsential team and the festival arena attracted a range of supporters including St Helens School Meals Service, Healthy Living Saint Helens, Go Active, GULP!, BeUrBest, Smoke Free team and the school nurses team who gave the students the opportunity to learn what help is available to support a healthy lifestyle.

Mrs Twist commented: “We all know by now how important health and wellbeing is particularly for our children and young people, but this year’s summer health festival we have   gone one step further in engaging them in some very meaningful workshops and hopefully lasting experiences, building resilience for life in the 21st century.