Day 2 Have 5 a day

The Summer Health Festival continues today with Day 2 "Have 5 a Day"



Today's activities continue during breaktime and lunchtime:


Stall holders are under the canopy providing  information and advice during break and lunchtime:
Healthy Living St Helens
St Helens TAZ (Teen Advice Zone) - providing information and advice on sexual health
Smoking Cessation service (at breaktime)
Bridgewater Health NHS service - school nurses providing advice and information on general health including hand washing, healthy eating, sugar contents in food & drink.
Go Active - Health, Fitness and Sports in St Helens 
Mrs Robinson and Mrs Bowen-Read - healthy juice bar - guess the healthy juice today

Mrs Barber, our school Medical Assistant advising on health and hygiene


Euro 2016 Knock-out competition
Today is Year 8's turn to participate - taking place at the Astro at 1:05- Faith House are winners to Friday's finals. Read Mr Arkell's report here. 


Basketball Lunchtime Challenge
Today's winners:
1st Matthew Scott (7FI) - 9 points
2nd & 3rd Euan Lea (10HJ) & Paul Anders (7LI) - 8 points


Fruit and Vegetable 30 second challenge
At lunchtime today students were invited to take part in the Fruit and Vegetable 30 second challenge.  Miss Bowler showed the competitors pictures of fruit and vegetables and they had to name as many as they could in 30 seconds. If they didn’t know the answer they could guess or pass.  The winner of the challenge will be revealed on Friday.


After School Let's Cook Tea
Faith House enjoyed cooking Lasagne!


Get Active - After School Zumba with Miss Moa!
This afternoon in the Drama Theatre at 2:45pm

Summer Health Festival 2016