Day 1 Have Breakfast


Breakfast pots were enjoyed by all students this morning  
St Helens Council Executive Development Chef Andrew Ferguson and the canteen staff prepared the delicious breakfast pots, using fresh ingredients including mixed berry compote, raspberry yoghurt and cereal and dried fruit crumble (conflakes, branflakes, porridge oats, sultanas, apricots, raisins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds).

Wake Up and Shake Up

All Y7 students and Form Tutors enjoyed an early morning "Wake-up and shake-up" session with Ms Ward on the yard this morning.

Lunch Time Basketball

Winners were:
1st Brandon Sarbutts (8AJC) with a score of 16
2nd Matthew Savage (9NH) with a score of 15
Joint 3rd Damian Liptak (10KAH) and Daniel Corns (10PAR) with a score of 10

Euro 2016 competition during lunchtime - Y7s 
Faith House were the winners and they will progress to the final stage competition on Friday.  Click here for a full report from Mr Arkell.

Primary Liaison
Today we welcomed St Theresa's Catholic Primary making healthy soda bread and taking part in the Taste Adventure!

After School Let's Cook Tea
Dignity House cooking Spaghetti Bolognese

Stall holders are under the canopy for information and advice during break and lunchtime 
Healthy Living St Helens - advising on healthy drinking and the affects of drinking sugary drinks
St Helens TAZ (Teen Advice Zone) - providing information and advice on sexual health
Smoking Cessation service (at breaktime)
Bridgewater Health NHS service - school nurses providing advice and information on general health including hand washing, healthy eating, sugar contents in food & drink.
Mrs Barber, our school Medical Assistant advising on health and hygiene



Summer Health Festival 2016