The World of Pets by Hannah and Molly

16 March 2017

The world of pets

Hello and welcome to our 15 fun facts about household pets. We are going to share with you some interesting facts about dogs, cats and small pets to give you an exciting insight into the world of pets.


  1. The most popular breed of dog is a Labrador retriever (as of 2016). On the 19th September 2016, a baby cheetah and Labrador were found playing together at Columbus zoo USA. How adorable!

  2.  Dogs can smell disease and that’s why they make great guide dogs and can see early signs of diabetes, certain illnesses and seizures… a dog really is a man’s best friend!

  3. Dogs can hear up to 4 times as far as a human; therefore, they can hear things coming before they get to us humans.

  4. Dogs can sense our feelings and can tell when we are nervous, happy, upset, lonely or frightened. Therefore, your dog always knows when to comfort you!

  5. Border Collies are geniuses! They have been recorded as one of the most intelligent dogs in the world- here is a picture of molly’s incredibly cute Border Collie, Patch.



  1. Did you know, cats are one of the most tamed animals on the planet?!

  2. Cats are also very lazy, generally, cats sleep almost two thirds of their life…. Yawn!

  3. We recently discovered that cats have human like emotions so they can feel anger, happiness and sadness, they are very clever, just like us!

  4.  Astonishingly, cats can make over 100  different sounds, whereas a dog can make just 10!

  5. Our final fact about cats is that they can jump incredibly high! Amazingly, a typical can jump up to 6 times its height…. WOW! They also have outstandingly flexible bodies.


Small pets

  1. Guinea pigs are native to South America and their real scientific name is cavy! Females are called sows and males are called boars.

  2. Did you know that hamsters are naturally colour blind? However, they have good memories and can always remember their relatives.

  3. Rats have excellent memories and can amazingly can chew through metals such as copper; they must have super strong teeth!

  4. Mice can be seen as dirty and hygienic, but it has been shown that they are one of the most hygienic small animals there are- they love to groom themselves just like humans!

  5. Our final fact of today is about rabbits, rabbits can run up to an incredible 30 and sometimes even 40 miles per hour! Wow, that is fast! Here is a picture of Hannah’s adorable rabbit, Fudge.


Thank you for reading our facts on some amazing pets. We hope you find these facts interesting and they give you an insight into just how amazing pets are. There really are some incredible pets in the world!