Tasia, Elisha and Chloe - School Strictness

16 March 2017

School Strictness

A few students of year 7 said they don’t have any strict teachers, we will see if their view changes as they still have 5 years to change their opinion. Our view on strict teachers is that they can help you even if you hate them and think they have never liked you they’re just trying to help you achieve the best you can. You can understand if the teacher is very strict like in the olden days where they used canes and whacked you with them which was then seen as going too far.

Our science teacher, Mr Cardoo, scored 92 percent on his Spanish test when his teacher was there but when the teacher left he got a kinder teacher that didn’t help him achieve his goals and got a D. This statistic proves that the strictness of teachers can really help you improve rather than a lenient teacher.

We can obviously see that there are a few strict teachers but they do help and make us better as well as the teachers that are nice and kind.

Miss Kenny, a RE teacher at St Cuthbert’s said all of her high school teachers were strict but made her conscious, organised and to think about her appearance but made her the teacher she is today.

The music teacher Miss Gifford said that she had a lot of strict teachers that wouldn’t show appreciation and made the class feel bad when they got an answer wrong. Her music teacher and her writing teacher helped her as she wasn’t in for the lesson so they helped her.  She is an amazing teacher with lots of experience and we thank her teacher for making her the person and teacher she is today.                          

A year 7 student at St Cuthbert’s said she had multiple strict teachers that have helped her become an intelligent girl and make her enjoy her school.          


Tasia, Elisha and Chloe