Reece - Music

16 March 2017



Everybody listens to music. A lot of people create music, but will music help us to relax anywhere? I listen to music to entertain myself or when doing my homework or doing some research.

It is shown that people that listen to calm music will relax. That’s why when you go to a spa you hear music with just instruments or very quiet singing. But, rock music disturbs your peace as it’s not quiet so you can hear further away, however, noises can also improve your creativity and it turns out modern sounds are also a great way for improving your creativity.

Weird fact:

Music helps us exercise. I will name the top three reasons.1) this is because that most people that listen to music dance.2) when they sing they stand up to get there voice further.3) when they are playing an instrument you can stand which we all know that if we stand it’s healthier.

But it’s also shown that rock music makes you stay awake longer and will stop you from getting the right amount of sleep that you need. This will not get you prepared for your tests or for work, (depending on how old you are).

Music can help us learn. Ages ago songs were made so that we could remember stuff easier. When I was learning my times tables, I was taught a song to help and still use it now. It also helps us as this makes us more creative.

Will we create songs for learning or just for fun? Remember music isn’t just one thing it’s more!It can help us relax and help us to feel more inspired, it can help us to learn but it can keep us awake.



How does music help you?


By Reece