Megan, Alice and Ruby - St Cuthberts 60

16 March 2017

60 Years of St. Cuthbert’s Success!


           1957-2017 how has St Cuthbert’s changed? 2016 has seen the best year yet for the St. Helens Secondary school, and at St Cuthbert’s, we have had the best Ofsted report and the best GCSE results to date.

       Approaching our 60th anniversary, we thought that now would be the perfect time to see what students (past and present,) had to say about the school and how it may have changed over the years.

     We are proud, and confident to say that our school is amazing: but was it always like that?

     We interviewed a past student who started the school in 1986 and left in 1989 to see what his experience was like and what he had to say about the school now, as a parent of a current student.

       We asked Mr. Morris about the differences between St Cuthbert’s, back in 1986, and today.

           “The facilities have improved throughout the years, especially the ICT computing area; the café has moved and has been modernised and I also really like the new History and Geography building.”

       We also asked about the intake of students and how ‘popular,’ the school was back then.

“The school was extremely popular, with many people wanting to go there.”

     With our fantastic GCSE and OFSTED results we are expecting our school to be more popular than ever, approaching our 60th anniversary.

     Our school seems to be so popular that even students want to come back! We spoke to a P.E teacher, Miss. Lethbridge, who is also a past student and she explained:

“When I started at St. Cuthbert’s I originally wanted to join the circus as a trapeze act. However, during the 5 years I was here, I was so inspired by the teachers that I decided to become a teacher myself and was delighted at the opportunity to get a job here.”


This surely shows us how superb our school is that students want to come back and work here.

   We also spoke to Mr. Heywood, our assistant head of year, who said:

“When I was a student here at St. Cuthbert’s there were around 400 students. Now we have almost 900 on roll.”

       Another parent, Mrs. Webster, also explained:

“Teachers were lovely, some were very strict at the time. I have lots of good memories at St. Cuthbert’s. St Cuthbert’s has always been a brilliant school and it seems to get better each year. I am very proud to say that I attended St. Cuthbert’s.”

     We were delighted to listen to what people had to say about our school and we share much of the same opinions. We think that our school is an amazing place to be, where we have started to make fantastic memories and are encouraged to ‘Live life in all its fullness.’

     With the 60th anniversary quickly approaching the good memories and experiences are still to be made.

     To find out more, and keep up to date with our celebrations be sure to check out our school website:



Reported by: Megan, Ruby and Alice.