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16 March 2017

Insecure, self-conscious, over-the-top teenagers. How many people can say they’re 100% satisfied with their natural look?


Many children in today’s modern world mirror themselves to older or ‘more beautiful’ people. It doesn’t matter if this is you or not. However, I’m guessing that most of you do. There’s no shame in it, but wouldn’t you want people to remember you for being YOU? We decided to question a few students, parents, and teachers on their view of students wearing make up to school. In a small survey, eight 11-12 year-olds were asked is they got make up for Christmas. Out of the eight asked, all eight of them said that they got make up for Christmas. Out of those eight, six of them have worn it since the 25th of December 2016. Doesn’t that result just seem so silly? These kids are only 11 and 12. So, we thought that we needed to investigate some more…

In a questionnaire, we asked the question, ‘What is your opinion on students wearing make-up to school? High school teacher ‘A’ answered with, ‘No, school is a place to learn. You shouldn’t mind. School uniform is more important than wearing make-up. Anyway, it’s not part of your uniform!’ Afterwards, we interviewed parent ‘A’ with the exact same question. Our received answer was, ‘I think it is unnecessary – young children’s skin is changing daily and needs exposure to the air to do so. If you just wear make-up, your pores just become blocked up – causing spots. No child wants spots!’ We were rather intrigued to find out these results. So why don’t we now find out some easy ways to STOP THOSE SPOTS!

You may think that spots are a menacing “plague”, however there are some simple and compact ways to ease the pain and stress! A teacher in a local high school teacher was asked the question, “Did spots bother you?” After being asked this question, she answered with, “Yes, spots did bother me. I went to the doctors and they provided me with a spot cream. I stopped wearing make-up and drank loads of water.” To this day, the teacher is spotless and doesn’t regret not wearing that pesky make-up. This is a simple way to just get rid of them instead of wearing bucket loads of make-up.

After reading this (hopefully) helpful article, I wish that I have truly opened your eyes to the truth of what spots can be stopped with and why make-up is the worst thing for your maturing, growing and constantly changing skin. Why don’t you go and make your change?


By Jessica, Erika and Holly