Fidget Cube - Chloe, Chloe and Jess

16 March 2017

Fidget cubes, a trend to stay or just a distraction.

Earlier this year, fidget cubes were introduced and made a very demanding best seller. They have blown up online and have took the nation by surprise.

The fidget cube has raised an enormous amount of $6.4million since 2016. Although people think that they are useless, they provide lots of satisfaction to young people across the globe. They have hit an internet sensation goal and have produced more and more products weekly. These all surround the areas of anxiety, depression and lots of other symptoms. The fidget cubes consist of 6-12 types of surfaces and a range of colourful designs. These marvellous creations are priced at a total of $19 in America, along with shipping and a container, but other websites do sell them for a more reasonable price. The fidget cubes were recently made by two brothers who are Matthew McLachlan and Mark Lachlan (try and pronounce that). They even designed the Apple Watch accessory named Duet. The cube is also known to be useful for concentrating better, whilst giving you the freedom of fidgeting whenever you want.


The six sided cube weighs a total of one point four ounces and measures about one point three inches to be exact. There are eight different colour schemes that you can choose from if you want to buy fidget cube online: Die, Graphite, Aqua, Sunset, Fresh, Retro, Berry and Midnight. All of these suggested colours come with different tones and shapes. The fidget cube can come as a six sided gadget or a twelve sided gadget depending on which one you buy. They both have: Clickable buttons, Joysticks, Spinning Dials, Surfaces for rubbing, Switches and Gears for rolling, with lots of more fun activities on the way.


So, do you think the fidget cube helps with anxiety, depression and lots of other symptoms? We think so and as the cube emerges to the most sold gadget globally, it makes us wonder why people dislike them so much.


By: Jess, Chloe M and Chloe A.