Education by Jessica

16 March 2017

Lessons? Homework? ARGH!


            Do you want a well-paid job in the future? Do you focus properly on your school-work? Do you take your education seriously? Do you even know what education is? Well, let me help you understand what it really is…

            I know, as a child, that some people view school as a place of torture where teachers set out to make our lives miserable. I know that I don’t enjoy all the lessons. However, I know why I go to school and how it can help me. So, school is here to make sure that the children attending are safe and that they are set up for a successful future. It will give you the tools to enable you to apply for jobs which will give you income to pay for somewhere to live and help you afford your basic needs. Also, education makes sure that you can make the most out of your talents and abilities and nurtures your intelligence to the most it can achieve!

            A local primary school teacher – who taught year 1 last year – quotes: “Homework is productive if the objective is SMART (Specific, Manageable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely – something which doesn’t require a lengthy amount of time.)” I strongly agree with this quote, as I myself, find homework hard to complete unless it is a small amount. What about you? In fact, you won’t know it, but you’re always learning and doing homework! This is because you are constantly experiencing new things! For example, the word of the week at my high school one week was tempestuous. That week, I learned a brand-new word and its meaning! For your information, the word tempestuous means violent or stormy! See, now you just learned a brand-new word by just simply reading this article! Not so hard, was it?

            So, now I’ve explained a bit about education and schools. Why don’t you go and try your hardest?