Daniel - The Positive Impact of Pets

16 March 2017

The Positive impact of Pets

Did you know that 40% of UK households own a pet? But what is the reason behind this? Pets are extremely lovable and loyal! And, our fury friends also have an extremely positive effect on our health and well-being.

It may see extremely peculiar to you, but children, who have been exposed to pets at a young age; have a stronger immune system overall. Using a number of studies, James. E. Gern has actually found out, that having a pet, the risk of a child having a pet-related allergy can be reduced by an enormous 33%. Whilst this will not cure adult’s allergies to pets, families, who have children, may want to get a pet soon!

As you may know, walking your dog will burn off a few calories, however did you know that if you walk your pet -for 45 minutes each day - you could burn up to 140+ calories! Also, dogs act as a perfect personal trainer. In a recent survey, the national health institute found out that dog owners are less likely to be obese, compared to the average person.

I interviewed, my teacher, Miss C Tufnail (a dog owner) this is what she had to say…

Q1. For what reason did you choose to get a dog?

Answer: I’m often at home alone, so I thought getting a dog would give me a bit of company.

Q2. What positive effects have you had, since having a dog?

Answer: I walk my dogs, at least once a day, so I am getting exercise. Also, it is nice for something or someone to be at home, so it’s not empty.

Q3. Do you enjoy owning a dog?

Answer: Yes, for reasons stated above and it keeps me occupied, in my spare time.

Q4. Are you going to get more pets, in the future?

Answer: I don’t think I would be allowed to, 2 dogs is enough.


Pets actually help you to be more joyful and happy in life. As well as this, pets stop you from feeling lonely, as they offer companionship. This is apparent, as more and more hospitals and nursing homes are using animals for patients, who are ill, depressed or lonely. ATT (Animal-Assisted Therapy) and PFT (Pet- Facilitated Therapy) are used more and more, in places with people, who are in need.

Overall, pets really do make our lives more positive. Hopefully, this will improve your attitude towards animals. Thank you for reading this article.


Reported by Daniel.