Why I don't Have a Back up Plan - Mollie

10 March 2016

Why I Don’t Have A Backup Plan

When I turned to my parents and said that I wanted to be in theatre, they thought it was a good decision, but I could see the look that everyone gives, when I say I want to be in theatre, a look of a) what a waste of talent and b) what’s your backup plan?

The first statement was easy to answer, yes, I may have been another useless person who is going to realise that at 30, they wasted their life messing around instead of getting a ‘proper’ career, but it isn’t for me, bear with me!

The second question was the question I am asked almost every day, what is your backup plan?

I don’t have one.

I don’t have a backup plan for many reasons, but the most shining one is; I’m confident enough in my own talent and ability.

I’m pretty sure that I could act in front of a couple of thousand people, and signing in front of them wouldn’t faze me, it’s when I would come off stage and rethink my whole life decision as the world crashed in on me because I sang the wrong note.

Okay, so maybe that was a little over the top.

But I am confident enough with my bag full of dreams at the fact that I could become any sort of character and that I would finally have my “big break.”

But then people ask about financial stability and worrying about “where my next wage is coming from,” and “it’s not a proper career.”

The thing is, I’m willing to work seven hours as a waitress to earn a tiny salary, to then do another three hours in a show, to earn an even tinier salary, in order to live my dreams. I simple could not sit at a desk all day, turn on the radio and hear someone else is living their dreams whilst I have ‘finacial stability’ and ‘a proper career’ in my suburban lifestyle.

I trade the grey pencil skirt and the office clothes for being painted green and wearing costumes as bright as the sun (like I said, bear with me, I know I’m coming off as crazy but…bear with me.)

The thing is, I don’t care if I have an average pay and an ordinary life. I don’t see the point in getting out of bed at silly o’clock, to go to a job I don’t enjoy, or don’t want to.

I couldn’t join the society of bankers and upper classes, who spend their weekends watching the West End shows I long to be in because that’s what society says is “right.”

“I shoot for the stars because even if I fall, I’ll land among the stars,” as Norman Vincent Peale said.

I don’t have a backup because I couldn’t see myself as anything other than in the arts, in the shows and on Broadway.

So, forget your ‘proper careers’, this is a proper career, as far as I know, a career is something you earn money from and even if I don’t earn as much as him or her does, I’ll still be in a career I enjoy, with a voice of my own, not as one of society’s puppets.

And that is why I don’t want or need a backup plan, because I will chase my dream and work hard to get it.


Reporter: Mollie.