Too Much sugar - Roxanne

10 March 2016

Did you know? One can of fizzy drink can contain up to seven cubes of sugar!


I’m sure you know that a lot of food contains sugar but sugar can cause various, serious health problems. Especially for children and teenagers!

It has been suggested that children should only have 30 grams of sugar, (as part of a balanced diet of course,) a day. In total that’s 10,950 grams per year!

Now, everyone enjoys a sugary treat now and again, for me it’s Cadburys cookie crumble, but what could we be doing to help reduce the amount of sugar in our diets.

According to an NHS source, the way forward in reducing our sugar intake is through less sugary foods, obviously. In particular we should limit the amount of sweets we eat; reduce the intake of biscuits and crisps; and most importantly, (and a St. Cuthbert’s school rule,) we should stop drinking as many fizzy drinks. In just one can (330ml,) there can be up to seven cubes of sugar!

As part of a healthy and balanced diet, we should be eating more fruit and vegetables which are made of natural sugars. We should get the majority of our calories from other kinds of foods, such as starchy foods and should only be treating our self to chocolate and sweets occasionally.

Problems of sugar intake:

As a result of eating too many sugary foods and drinks we are increasing the chance of gaining weight. If we gain too much weight we are subjecting ourselves to life-threatening diseases such as: heart disease and diabetes.

As well as the major issues of weight gain due to sugar intake, there are minor issues such as tooth decay! The longer the sugary food is in contact with teeth, the more damage it can cause.

What to do:

As well as reducing the amount of chocolate and fizzy drinks we have, we can also keep an eye on the foods we are eating and how much of it. We can look at the nutritional information on the back of the packets and make informed decisions. We can make home-made meals from natural products such as vegetables and therefore we are getting the good sugar we need without all the bad side effects.


I’m not saying never eat sugar, but just be aware of the impact it can have on your health in the long run if you decide to over indulge.


Reporter: Roxanne.