Step into Space - Molly

10 March 2016

Tim Peake’s Step into Space.

We took a little look at Tim Peake’s journey to the stars as we counted down to his amazing, unordinary spacewalk! This is the information we found:

If you are wondering what a spacewalk is here’s the answer: physical activity engaged in by an astronaut in space outside a spacecraft.

We heard that Tim Peake always tells his fans what he is doing using a lot of social media sites while in space such as: Twitter, Facebook and many others. His fans mostly ask questions like: ‘when are you back?’, ‘what is a spacewalk?’, ‘how do you do a spacewalk?’ and many many more questions.

He had a co worker who was watching him throughout his mission his co-worker was calledTim Kopra.

About Tim’s mission:

Tim had to fix a faulty unit that regulates power from the stations solar panels and it was meant to last longer than six hours but actually only lasted for five hours due to Tim Kopra reporting that Tim Peake had water in his helmet! More research has proved that Tim Peake successfully completed his spacewalk.

So, it’s back down to earth for him!


Reporter: Molly.