Solar Roadways - Kieran

10 March 2016

Solar Roadways

Solar roadways are a revolutionary idea that can change the way we live our lives forever. STOP! Because before you say that they are only going to happen way in the future, you’d be wrong.

There are already some out there and the inventors even have them all the way around there garden.

They can detect if something is in the road and light up to warn you and to tell you to slow down. They are flat so you can never be worried about road works or dints/bumps in the road because they are made of solar panels. There is also no need for street lights because they are built in to the roads so we don’t have to worry about them falling over. All the wires needed to power it are underneath the actual panels so you don’t need to worry about high voltage wires above your head that can snap any moment because of strong winds. Plus imagine walking on to a court that is made of solar panels and that you can press a button to change whatever game is laid out. Also because they are made entirely from solar panels they can also provide us with our electricity for around our house which reduces electricity bills.

If you like the movie Tron or like the look of a Sci-Fi future then because of the LEDs it will start looking a little brighter.

Reporter: Kieran.