Mini Movies - Kieran

10 March 2016

Minecraft lovers stop! There’s a new game on the block


What is this new game?

Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator is a wonderful, interesting and fun new app which allows you to make your own stop-motion movies. World famous youtubers such as DanTDM and StampyLongNose are using this to make their own Lego Minecraft movies. So, if you have an idea for a movie why don’t you go ahead and have a go of this free app? You don’t have to use Minecraft related products it can involve any type of toy/prop that you own.


How it works?

How you use it is very simple all you do is place down your set, take a picture, move your pieces into another position or if you want a delay then you can take a few pictures of the same position. Then the photo are put together to make your movie. You can edit any of your photos at any time during the creation of your movie. If you really want to get involved then there is a £30 film-creator kit that you can buy which comes with scenery and some Minecraft figures.


If that’s got you exited wait there’s even more.

There is also another app called Telestory, (which is also free,) for people want to make television shows of them. This lets you choose from different topics such as drama and action, and it helps you write a script. You can then choose a costume for yourself that will appear over you when filming.

If you don’t mind spending £1.49 then there is Curious Words. If you’re not sure of an idea then this app will get you thinking. It gives you words as inspiration for example there is “green, art, car, face, and light.” This could be an action movie about a green living car that’s fear is exposing his face to light because he thinks it is a work of art that shouldn’t be ruined. Once finished it is all put together with a voice that says the words and music in the background.



Reporter: Kieran.