Is the World Club Series worth doing for another year? - Ben

10 March 2016

Is the World Club Series worth doing for another year?

After only two years of the Super League and NRL locking horns in the World Club Series and people are still questioning if it is an embarrassment for English clubs and a waste of time for the Australians.

After 2 years of the completion taking place Australia  have taken all six games possible with Brisbane (2), North Queensland Cowboys (1), South Sydney Rabbitohs (1),  St George Illawara Dragons ( 1) and Sydney Roosters (1) all leaving the UK with a win(s ) under their belt.

Which means that not one Super League has come off the field celebrating a win, but why?

The cap in Super League, which has seen only incremental increases since its introduction in 1999, currently stands at £3.62 million, around half of the NRL’s $7.5million.“I’d say 99 per cent of it is down to the salary cap, plus the weather being obviously much better down under which means training is harder and also improving endurance in hot temperatures. The last 2 years of the competition has been set in England however, so therefore English clubs SHOULD be able to withstand the freezing February temperatures especially since the Australians are enjoying their summer months which means that in effect Australia are actually instead of 3 months of Winter they will have to be put through 4. But this doesn’t tell us why they are so dominant, and I know why unfortunately Super League has transformed into a dumping ground or retirement village for NRL players. Players like Joel Moon is a great and prime example winning NRL games left, right and centre all the way from only 16 years of age. He is now currently at Leeds Rhinos and despite winning a Grand Final has no seriously impressed, not once of 4 years in the Super League has he never appeared in the Super League Dream Team which all players aspire to.


Reporter: Ben.