Impact of TV - Christopher

10 March 2016

Impact of T.V

Here’s a story about a man who refused to let T.V ruin his family and rule his life:

“One day I realised that there was a TV at my church, gym, airport, shops, doctors and many rooms of my own home. So when all hope was lost I moved and sold my TV so I was able to spend more time with my family.”

T.V is like a “zombie” that infects the brain and causes the user to become relaxed and forget their worries. These worries can include: homework, work related stress and if you’re a teacher, it could make you forget about your marking!

T.V is one of the most influential things in the world. Programmes today include things such as: news, sport , cartoons, documentaries and commercials. Americans normally spend between two to five hours a day glued to T.V, resulting in work and homework being pushed to one side.

Although T.V has many programs to relax its audience, it’s also important that we do not let this impact on our day to day life such as: school, work and family life.


Reporter: Christopher.