How Does Music Help? - Chloe and Rebecca

10 March 2016


How Does Music Help?

Listening to music every day has made us ask the question: how does music help? Here at St. Cuthbert’s we took it upon ourselves to find out! And here are our results.

First of all we would like to thank our music teacher Mrs Gifford and former pupil Liam Abbott for letting us interview them.

So how does music help? Musical inspirations are key, but let’s find out what really made these two people choose music. We asked the Music teacher, Mrs Gifford why she chose that subject 37 years ago! This is what she said: “My family have always loved music and my inspiration was my dad.” So, I guess it runs in the family! She says she has experience with performing with other people in a band and also singing in a choir. She didn’t plan to be a music teacher, but she thoroughly enjoys the job.

So, Mrs Gifford has given her aspect of the job and that without music, life would B flat! Liam Abbott (a former pupil of St. Cuthbert’s) says: “My musical inspiration was the Artic Monkeys and I have always loved music since a child and will always love guitar!”

So we are delighted to say that this was a success and we have all of the information to happily say music does help!

Reporters: Rebecca and Chloe.