Year of Mercy Rosary Bead Hearts

21 March 2016

As part of the Year of Mercy and to coincide with Holy Week, Mrs Twist and Miss Marshall, visited our four feeder primaries of Holy Cross, Holy Spirit, St Anne's and St Theresa's with these lovely Rosary Bead hearts, which were given to every Year 5 and Year 6 child.

Year of Mercy Rosary Bead Hearts

Each rosary bead heart was made by our Y7 and Y8 students in their RE lesson and is a gift from St Cuthbert's.


Here's what some our students had to say:

Recently in RE we have been making rosary bead hearts - 288 in total! All of the Year 7's took part in making them for our Catholic Primary Year 5s and Year 6s across St Helens. On the rosary bead hearts, there are 11 beads in total. 10 of the beads represent the 'Hail Mary' and are around the heart. The one rosary bead left represents the 'Our Father' and it is at the bottom to show that Jesus holds everything together as he taught us the 'Our Father'. The shape of the heart represents the never ending love of Christ for us. The cross at the bottom represents Jesus' death and resurrection. We hope that these rosary bead hearts welcome the new Year 6's to St Cuthbert's and that during Holy Week they may feel closer to God and reflect on Jesus' death and triumphant resurrection.

Shana and Mia Year 7 set 1

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