We are revising!

09 March 2016

Year 11 are currently in the middle of taking their mock exams. Everyone revises in different ways but it is crucial students revise each night. Little and often! Some students might find a revision timetable really helps, others might watch youtube clips on the different topics, making notes or diagrams to help. A couple of Year 11 students talk about how they revise for their RE exams.

Shania - I revise by writing notes and doing spider diagrams of the key information. Also I find the colours helps the key information stand out. I am also making flash cards to test myself and that other people can test me.

Steph - To help me revise, I am constantly doing past paper questions and getting Miss Hughes to mark them so I know how to improve and what I am doing right! I also make cards to revise from. You can get any resources you need for your RE revision from Miss Hughes or the revision wall in the RE corridor.

Y11 RE Revision Wall

Olivia - I feel that the best way to revise is by writing notes and spider diagrams about the topic that I am doing. Also using flash cards really helps with learning the key words.


Scan these QR codes for revision material for the RE exams: