Christmas Shoebox Appeal

01 November 2017

In the run up to Christmas we all get excited thinking about the lovely gifts which will be exchanged between loved ones on Christmas Day. We all know that Christmas is a joyful day on which we celebrate the birth of Our Lord. 

The RE Department want us to 'look at the bigger picture' again this year and to think about those in need at what for most is a time to celebrate. Miss Kenny is once again urging us to 'dig a little deeper' with her 'Operation Christmas Child 2017' campaign. 

Form Tutors will be showing a presentation about the shoebox appeal.

Please get involved! If every student brings in a box or even one item to put into a box..... someone across the world will have a happier Christmas this year! So come on St Cuthbert's! Treat others as you would like to be treated and spread the love.