Song Writing

07 February 2016

‘Marching Heroes’ was composed by a Year 8 music class as part of a project on ‘ Song Writing’.

They wrote the lyrics in groups after brainstorming ideas and then music was composed mainly by Jessica Forsyth.

The keyboard was used as the accompaniment because we liked the marching beat (which fits

with the story of the song) and the trumpet was used for the sound of the bugle calls.

On the recording, the whole class sang the chorus and outro and Jessica sang the verses solo.


Listen to the song here



Marching Heroes


The men are going, don’t know if they’ll be back

We waved them off as they marched down the track

I’m only twelve, it’s just me and my mam

I want my Dad home as soon as he can


Verse 1:              

Children growing up without their fathers

Often all they have to eat is bread and water

Food is short and life is hard

I wish my Dad was here and we didn’t have to part




Verse 2:              

We hear the planes flying way up high

We hide in the shelter where it’s warm and dry

Bombs fall, turning houses to rubble

Then we know we are in big trouble




Verse 3:              

Looking at the picture of my Dad

Crying in the dark because I feel so sad

Wondering if he’s alive or dead

There could be deadly bullets shooting past his head





We want you home

Safe and sound

We’ll be here

Have no fear