9th annual visit to St Cuthbert's by Stuttgart school

21 April 2016

For the ninth year running students from a partner school in Stuttgart, Germany have spent two days alongside students at St Cuthbert's to experience learning in another country with a different culture.  The exchange visit between Ferdinand Porsche Gymnasium Zuffenhausen is part of a long-standing project to develop partnerships with international schools.

St Helens is Stuttgart's oldest twin town being one of nine other cities across five continents. The school was formally established in 1958, just a year after St Cuthbert's opened, but was founded initially as a school for boys in 1912.

St Cuthbert's have previously visited the school in Stuttgart in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

58 students from  Ferdinand Porsche Gymnasium Zuffenhausen's year 8 had learning buddies for the two days made up of students from years 7 and 8 at St Cuthbert's.

The group attended lessons and were surprised by the differences in facilities, dress code, timetables and food.

Feedback from the German students included:

"We have had a great time and we have been delighted with the hospitality of your students."

"The technology of your school is impressive, especially the use of the interactive whiteboards and SMARTboards."

The students were particularly enthralled by the drama lessons which they found to be "inspiring" and "unique".

Modern Languages teacher, Mr Jacks who organised the two day visit was clearly pleased with the spirited attitude of our own students.  "They were so enthusiastic to be able to help" he commented. 

Thanks to everyone concerned with the smooth running of the visit and for giving our guests the customary warm welcome from St Cuthbert's.