Computing News!

18 January 2016

We are learning:

Year 7 have been working with Binary and have now progressed to writing simple programmes using Python. They have been fault finding and debugging code and getting to grips with dealing with and  spotting syntax errors. The students confidence is growing as they take it in turns to write programmes with  deliberate errors in, they then come to the front of the class and ask the whole class to fault find.

Year 9 GCSE Computer Science,  are working on a Pibella task using a Raspberry Pi to programme code in Python. They used the code to control 3 Led's in sequence and in speed.

Year 10 Creative Digital Media Production (BTEC) have been performing their own 'Dragons Den'. They have been creating a pitch for a new 3D game they are developing and pitching in the form of a Presentation to the class to try to get some funding for their marketing campaign.

2016-01-15 09.16.26.jpg 2016-01-13 11.33.10.jpg 2016-01-13 11.33.15.jpg 2016-01-15 09.13.43.jpg Craetive Digital Media Production BTEC (2).JPG Craetive Digital Media Production BTEC.JPG