We Are Winners! - St Helens Youth Open Art Competition

31 March 2016

We are celebrating the gifts & talents of  talented Yr11 student Amy Lyon who  received the runner-up prize for the KS4 category in the St Helens Youth Open Art Competition last night. Amy and a number of our students were all 'highly commended' for their artwork at the ceremony which took place at The World of Glass last night. 


Amy and her winning piece pictured are below. The painting  is a stunning image of a lighthouse, which can be seen from the beach in Wales that she and her family have frequented many times in her childhood. The piece is entitled 'Identity'.



The Exhibition continues at The World of Glass until Friday, 22nd April 2016 - visit their website for further details


Well done to all our students:

Callum Fagan (Y7), Olivia Holcroft (Y7), Hollie Jones (Y7), Heather Lloyd (Y7), Libby Cross (Y8), Chloe Forrest (Y8), Kelvin Holland (Y8) Martyna Zielinska (Y8), Jade Critchley (Y9), Nikita Newton (Y9), Thomas Brown (Y10), Amy Lyon (Y11) and Christian Royle (Y11).


Amy Lyon 1.JPG Amy Lyon receiving her award - St Helens Youth Open Art Comp.JPG Amy Lyon.JPG Amy Lyon receiving her award.JPG Callum Fagan.JPG Heather Lloyd.JPG Jade Critchley.JPG Hollie Jones.JPG Nikita Newton.JPG Christian Royle.JPG Open Art Comp 2016 - Callum Fagan.JPG St Helens Youth Open Art Competition - Amy Lyon with Mayor and Mayoress Councillors Glover.JPG St Helens Youth Open Art Compeition - Amy Lyon.JPG Youth Open Art Comp - Chloe Forrest.JPG