Liverpool Hope University Taster Day

09 May 2016

On Friday, 6th May 2016, a group of Year 8 students enjoyed a taste of university life at Liverpool Hope University.

The day included a tour of the campus including accommodation, the beautiful chapel and the 'Hogwarts Hall', a very old section of the University. They were taken around the state-of-the-art Science Laboratories as well as the recently renovated Libraries and Study Halls. Our Year 8 students were given talks from current university students about how they got to where they are, as well as talks from staff at the University about the courses that are available as well as the multitude of options available to students to allow them to access higher education.

Interactive tasks included our students designing their own university which allowed them to consider what courses they could offer and how their University location could impact on the quality of those courses, as well as question and answer sessions to help students to begin to consider the impact their choices for GCSE could have on what would be available to them at University. The students were left with a lot to think about when it comes to University and their path towards higher education and they were complimented on how polite they were.


Below are some comments from our Year 8 students:

"It was interesting, I enjoyed the campus tour".

~Martyna Zielinska


"I enjoyed this brand new experience and it has really helped me think about the future".

~Ben Shaw


"It made me realise that I have a good chance of going to University because of all the different courses".

~Olivia Burkey


"The tour of the University was really helpful and interesting".

~Seth Ragasa


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