Praise Wall

Miss Gifford and her talented performers!

A massive well done to everyone involved in Friday's concert for Matthew Lee! We really are sharing our gifts and talents.

My Dog

id like to prayer in honour of my 4 year old dog who has recently got put down for eating my dads tea. Sad isn't the word Rip Arthur xxx

megan kenny

she is kind and caring and helps out

All students and staff

Thank you to everyone for assessment week. Have a great half term.

alisha brown

its my birthday tomorrow!!!!!

Owen Taylor

For being an absolute God

Jack Bentham

For being a hero as he saved me from falling of my bike

Brandon Goodier

Year 7 pupil Reading can sometimes be a challenge. But today Brandon showed great determination and never gave up. Well done and keep reading.

Everyone involved in today's celebration

"I don't think anyone really imagined how beautiful mass would be and how truly awesome our students would be. From Y11

60th Anniversary Mass

A special thank you to our senior team and readers

mollie neal

loves to help the new year 7s so kind

Luke Atherton year 8

I would like to praise my son Luke. He has tried so hard this year to do his very best and it sure has paid off with him being awarded Pupil of the year! Massive well done Luke keep it up. Very proud mum!

The Matilda Story Cast

"Well Done To All Whom Took Part In The Tuesday

Alisha Brown

When my 2 daughters were doing induction days this wonderful bright girl had took care of them. I would love to say thank you so much also she has looked after more children (as demi and tia have told me). when demi and tia were leaving for induction days I was very scared that they would get bullied but now I know that Alisha is taking care of them I don't feel scared at all. thank you so much this girl deserves a treat... xx

Ellie May Roberts and Kayleigh Potter

A big well done to both girls who gave it their absolute all during their Food exam this week. Keep up the excellent work!! x

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