Adele Jones

What job/study are you doing right now and tell us a little about it?

I am currently on maternity leave after having a baby girl. I work as a child care worker in a secure unit with young people with criminal/welfare issues. I support young people with their education, activities and independent living skills. I also work one to one in keywork sessions with the young people. It is a challenging yet rewarding job.

Did you do any further/higher education?

After leaving St Cuthbert's I went on to study English Literature and Media Studies A level at Carmel College. I then went to Edge Hill to study Criminology for 3 years.

How did you decide on your career path and what is/was most interesting about your work?

I did some voluntary work with the Youth Offending Team. I enjoyed my time there and wanted a career working with young people. I have also worked in a Young Offenders Institution and as a Learning Support Assistant in a High School.

Can you share a couple of fond memories of your time at St Cuthbert's?

There are so many, some of the best years of my life and have met some of my best friends there. I enjoyed 2 trips to France and various other trips. I loved sports and was lucky enough to represent Faith House as Sports Captain. One of my favourite memories was having a sleep over in Lindisfarne with my friends in Year 11 and trying to sneak out to our other friends' room in the early hours and being caught by Mr Anderson! I also loved a sausage roll & a Twix at break in the canteen!

Did you have a favourite/influential teacher? What made them so important to you?

I would have to say Mr Archer, Mr Anderson, Mr West and Mr Heywood. I always lacked in confidence and never believed in myself, they always went the extra mile to help me. They always believed in me and Mr Anderson & Mr West made me a badge with ABC on it, the Adele Briscoe Club, I still have it to this day. They were fantastic and really built up my confidence. In my GCSE mock exams in January I got an E in RE, with their help and support I ended up getting a B at GCSE. There were so many amazing teachers who made my time there enjoyable and memorable.

What advice would you give our current students?

Enjoy it and make the most of it. I always loved school but I know a lot of young people don't; you will look back in years to come and realise they truly are some of the best years of your life. Work hard and listen to the teachers, they only want the best for you.